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Pura Sippy Cup

Our pura insulated toddler girls sippy cup is the perfect way to keep your little one warm without sacrificing taste. This cup is made of durable plastic and has a heat resistant coating for a perfect cup. It is available in black and red, and comes with a practical lid. The cup is also stainless steel to make use of your child's hand.

Pura Kiki 11 Oz / 325 Ml Steel Bottle With Silicone Straw &

Top Pura Sippy Cup Reviews

This is a pura kiki 11 oz 325 ml steel bottle with silicone straw sleeve aqua. This bottle is made with pura kiki 11 oz weight and size. The kiwi color is hineyesi with the text "aqua" in the desired language. This bottle is equipped with a silicone straw and is a sippy cup for children.
this is a new, pura sippy cupless bottle of nursing kane's pura kiki stainless steel baby sippy bottle. This bottle is a pink silicone sleeve with a 11 oz. The bottle is made with a sturdy and strong stainless steel heirloom plastic. This bottle is a great gift for the nursing mom in your life!
this is a brand new pura kiki stainless steel toddler sippy cup bottle 11 oz green sleeve. It is perfect for your little one's. This sippy cup is made of stainless steel and is 11 oz. It has a green sleeve with a "pura sippy cup" imprint. The cup is perfect for your child's developmental growths.